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“I like art, and by art I mean music, poetry, sex, paintings, the human body, literature. All of this is art to me.” - Hunter Reve

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"Oh I was thinking about killing myself, don’t you mind
I love you, don’t you mind don’t you mind”

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“you looked so lost in the twilight
of your own room
neither me or the light could reach out for you

it felt like the cross around my neck
burned its shape on my skin
when you whispered i was holy”

part two of being the sin or sinner

(part 1)

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“The worst bullies you will ever encounter in your life are your own thoughts.”

Bryant H. McGill (via bryantmcgill)

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“My first love
was some insignificant boy
when it should have been

Michelle K., First Love. (via michellekpoems)


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Make-up at Christian Dior Spring 2014

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“you looked so holy
laid out golden in the cheap yellow light
of my own room

touching you felt like blasphemy
and i remembered the time
my dad called me a sin”

part one of being the sin or the sinner

(part two)

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86-87/100 Pictures of Clémence Poésy
Vanidades October 2013
Ph. by Maria Karas

“We loved like we invented it.”

Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz, Bowery Women: Poems (via poetrist)

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n. a moment of awareness that someone you’ve known for years still has a private and mysterious inner life, and somewhere in the hallways of their personality is a door locked from the inside, a stairway leading to a wing of the house that you’ve never fully explored—an unfinished attic that will remain maddeningly unknowable to you, because ultimately neither of you has a map, or a master key, or any way of knowing exactly where you stand. (via nyctaeus)

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